Friday, October 12, 2012

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you access files on your computer from anywhere. Google Drive is similar to DropBox. I prefer Google Drive because you get more storage at a lower cost. To install Google Drive, you need a Google account. Then, you install the software from Google Drive. Google starts by giving you 5 GB of free space.

Google Drive looks  like any other folder on your hard drive. You can click on files or copy files or delete files. Anything you can do to a regular folder, you can do to your Google Drive folder. The difference is that Google Drive synchronizes files to the internet. So, if you create a file on your desktop PC, it will automatically appear on your laptop and on your phone and on your iPad.

Google Drive's magic is performed by a small program that runs and keeps your files in sync. Google Drive keeps your file safely backed up on the internet.

Google Drive lets users share files. I can drop a file in a folder on my machine and it will magically appear on your machine and everyone else's machine. If one of us makes a change, it becomes visible to all.

Google Drive also keeps tracked of all the changes. What if someone changes your spreadsheet and you don't like it? With Google Drive, you just go back and retrieve an earlier version.

If you want to test Google Drive, go ahead and install it. Send me an email and I will share the folders with you. It's free and simple and I think you will really learn to like it.

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