Friday, November 16, 2012

ISR Manager

ISR Manager Q&A

What machines can run it?
The software is a Microsoft Windows executable. It should run on any box which supports windows applications and which has the full NET 4.0 Framework installed. This technical jargon means you have to have a common component normally distributed by Microsoft. If you install all of the updates that Microsoft releases each month, you probably already have this on your machine.

If you don't have it, you can install the Microsoft .NET framework from here:

Will it run on an Apple computer?
If you have a newer Apple computer, your Apple desktop or laptop will run the ISR Manager in the same manner it runs any other Microsoft Windows application. However, it will not run as a native Apple application.

I spoke with one of my Mac friends and they said that to run Windows software on a Mac you generally need Apple's "Boot Camp" or "Parallels Desktop" or "VMware Fusion" or "VirtualBox" and that you must install a Window's OS either as dual boot option or as an OS within the VM.  I was told you can have this installed at an Apple Store (at a cost).

I know that's probably not what some of you wanted to hear. As a developer, I face choices on what platforms to target and roughly 9 of every 10 PCs are windows based. I wish I had time and $ to write a native Apple app but I don't right now. I am trying to get to the point where the next major release is a web application (i.e. runs through a browser).  Until then, I would say that your Mac will run the ISR Manager but as I understand it, it will need some additional support software installed.

Will it run on my Android (tablet) or iOS (Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod)?
No. These platforms can not run a Windows executable.

Will it run on a Windows 8 device?
Loaded question. It will definitely run on a true Windows 8 computer or tablet. It will NOT run on a Windows RT tablet. Currently, some retailers cloud the distinction between Windows RT and Windows 8.  Yes, Windows RT looks a lot like Windows 8 but it is not the same thing.

What do I do if ISR Manager does not work or I am having trouble making it work?
Call me, text me, skype me, email me or stop by my house and yell at me. I am committed to supporting it and you.

My file is really large and I can't email it, what should I do?

I would like to ask that you do me a favor give Google Drive (see previous blog entry) a try. I really think you will like Google Drive. It has a lot to offer. It has little problem with large files. It automatically back things up. You can see your file and know it was uploaded to the office. You don't have to split things in pieces and hope the office gets each and every one of them.

Where are we going from here?
The new web site will probably support a pure web interface for submitting listings. A pure web application will, theoretically, work on any device which has a web browser. The downside is that you will need to have a connection to the internet in order to use it.

I don't have a release date but you will get to see a beta release long before it goes live.

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